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Webex integration— now it takes several steps to add a webex link to a meeting. In Outlook, you just clicked a button to add it, now you have to go to meetings. This is a big time sink for us 2. Use of summit wide and personal distribution lists — very hard to figure out which ones to use and where to find them and who the owners are or which ones to use for targeted emails.

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Very hard to find personal groups cannot just type the name of the group in the TO field and send like Outlook 3. No purple Out of office status for when others view your calendar to set up a meeting 4. Cannot do file send as paperclip email icon within all MS Office docs for a quick way to send an attachment. Now you have to save the file and go into a new email and attach it 2 extra steps — again, slows down productivity This one was big for me, as I edit and send straight from PPT and Word all the time.

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Printing docs from gmail is weird — double spaces some items and takes 2 pages versus 1 page in outlook 6. Cannot open an email from someone, right click and be able to call them directly from the FROM field like Outlook — now an extra step or two to find them in jabber and dial their extenstion. Seeing if building rooms are booked or free 8.

Have had the gmail inbox freeze up several times and have to refresh browser to work again again, slows me down 9. When adding a group distro list, you have to refresh your browser to get it to work and if you had emails open half typed, it loses all of the emails and you have to start over Cannot just highlight an email and hit delete on keyboard — have to click on little trash can icon another step Lack of multiple signature block types internal vs. My biggest issue with gmail is that it has stopped working with the Mac mail app - I delete emails - and then they show up again - I move emails to local folders - and they show up i the inbox again.

Tried reinstalling gmail - but now it not download any of the older messages. Seriously - you can not expect someone who receives more the emails per day - with attachments - images - cad files etc - to use the web version that has one of the most unproductive layouts I ever seen. I installed Airmail 3 hoping for a better result - but still a lot of issues.

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That includes both incoming emails and the lists of recipients when I'm sending out a bcc email. Very annoying when I'm trying to delete a few of the recipients in that outgoing email. It's not necessary. The second thing is the large blank area with a picture of a telephone that's encouraging me to "make a call" is covering up my list of folders on the left side of the emails. I know I can bring the list back by just placing the arrow on top of where they should be and they show back up.

So why keep bugging me about it? That area just appeared recently. I wish I could include a screen shot, I feel like I'm not describing this 2nd gripe adequately. For example, I have "1" setup to select all unread messages doesn't really help with Inbox, but it does with Labels, where I sort most mail too , then "2" deletes, "3" marks as read, etc. I can clear out most of the junk mail fairly quickly this way by reading subject lines and seeing if it is something I want to open or not.

Gmail needs to provide a way for me to create my own categories and delete some of theirs. Their categories are helpful only to a degree and do not correspond to my idea of categorization. Stars are great BUT i have to scroll though all the ones in the list to get to the one I want. Why not have a drop down so I can choose from it instead of scrolling? Why do you worry about all this crap. Just use a sensible programme like Thunderbird and its all available. What's more, on my wife laptop which we sometimes use when we're traveling we can run three different email accounts on Thunderbird; my Gmail, her Gmail and her old email which still gets mail coming in.

On top of all that, I have a bunch of labeled files for sorting emails that I want to keep and find easily. And rely on Tbird to update correctly. No thanks. After trying to do what you said several times up to 3 years ago. Tbird would not configure correctly and I wasn't going to take a study course to fix it. I've had similar problems with most updates - especially browsers, so now I avoid updates whenever I have the option. Exceptions being stuff like Java etc. An "update" is most often a downgrade. Some you can force to not upgrade, but not Chrome. Then "Big Brother" decides what extensions you rely on are no longer available.

Now stop everything productive, try to figure out how to fix the unfixable, spend half a day to solve nothing. The log in sucks. I keep trying to get it to ask for both a log in name and a password and I can't get it to do this. Most security sucks, but gmail by just providing the login name really sucks, I am glad I only use it as a throw away, but I am looking around for a replacement.

Not being able to encrypt my emails without a plugin that "oh by the way" requires the recipient to also have the plugin. Have multiple browsers on my pc and android and I have had heaps of gmail notifications every time I log in. I want to second several people's comments that Thunderbird is the way to go with gmail--most of the annoying features are handled cleaning in it; it has a huge array of add-ons that do a lot of extra things that gmail does not; and it provides you an overall usable system for not only gmail but for virtually every mail system out there.

I may be missing the beauty of using the Gmail native app, but I'm happy not to have to fight the problems mentioned in the article and in the comments to it. I was using Thunderbird before I had Gmail so it just seemed like the obvious way to go for me. Folders and filters are the way to go. Try it! And the small draft, composing window. Can't read much of the msg if using large text.

Agreed, gmail needs to be redone. It's my main email client. Yahoo and Outlook handle spam and block it easily. Gmail's settings suk. Like how do you delete unwanted folders? Want to speed up deleting gmails? Hoila: gmails are delted. You know what annoys me? Getting an email with this article's title as the subject, clicking the first "read the full article" button and discovering that particular button was for an article I don't want to read and this one is actually the third button down.

I just opened this from MakeUseOf and this company seems to go out of its way to force readers to find the article that caused me to open the email in the first place. This email is far from the first email to have this deliberate bait and switch technique to force us to see the trash at the beginning of the email!

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Use Gmail as the back end and something like eM Client or Thunderbird to actually manage the emails. Plus you get off line access should you ever need it. Google does have a Material Design version of Gmail called "Inbox" google. Of late spam mail is flooding. How to stop from appearing in my box by me or you.

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Of course I am deleting without reading. Please advise.

5 Gmail Annoyances You Really Hate (and How to Fix Them)

Unfortunately, that is another GMail annoyance. The filters cannot be set to "Delete Forever" very useful for automatically getting rid of Spam. I hate material design and I hate message threading. The fix to both on Android is to switch to K9 or Kaiten, which support push messaging without shitty misfeatures like those. Gmail defaults to quote after reply, which is also terrible and wrong. To quote messages correctly inline style in the web interface, click the..

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It's hard to spot but the payoff in considerate message replies is enormous. The one thing that I don't like about Gmail is that it doesn't have the feature to sort your email by who its from, subject or date that Outlook has. Man do you get upset with trivial issues - don't know how you handle real life - and as others have pointed out, they aren't really issues. Just because you've gotten used to the crappy GMail, does not mean others want to put up with it.

Microsoft Exchange provided the same and then some.

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Google copied a lot of design elements and features for GMail from its predecessors. Why didn't they copy the SORT function? Why haven't they implemented it since they started GMail? I'm sure it has been requested by many, many GMail users. Google prides itself on being on the cutting edge. Not in the case of GMail! You are making a wild assumption that I use gmail, well I don't, I use thunderbird and your response is unprofessional, I would suggest you need to lower your stress levels.

You defend it as if you worked for for Google.

Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo
Check compose ctrl mail mark search yahoo

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