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We ask that you not continuously contact the Board to determine receipt of items. Calls and emails are returned in the order received and will most likely take one or more days before they are returned due to the high volume of calls and emails received. Please be patient and do not leave multiple messages regarding the same issue.

You will be notified via mail or email if there are any missing documents or issues with your application. We thank you in advance for your patience while we are in transition to the new data system. The medical school's name must exactly match the name on the Board's list of recognized medical schools.

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If you did not attend or graduate from a recognized or approved medical school you may be eligible for licensure pursuant to section The number is used for tax enforcement purposes, for purposes of compliance with any judgment order for family support in accordance with Section of the Family Code , or for verification of licensure or examination status by a licensing examination entity which uses a national examination and where licensure is reciprocal with the requesting state. If a state tax obligation is not paid, an application for licensure may be denied and a license issued by the Board may be suspended Business and Professions Code section As an applicant, you personally are responsible for all information disclosed on your application, Forms L1A-L1F, including any responses that may have been completed on your behalf by others.

An application may be denied based upon omission, falsification or misrepresentation of any item or response on the application or any attachment. Dana Carvey. Two months later, he received word from his surgeon that they had mistakenly bypassed the incorrect artery. Julie Andrews.

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The famous singer and actor of classic films and musicals, including The Sound of Music, decided to have a throat operation in after developing noncancerous nodules on her vocal cords that were giving her discomfort when singing. However, the operation was botched, leaving Andrews with hoarseness and permanent vocal chord damage — rendering her unable to sing on a professional level. The Solution. The terms of the settlement remain confidential.

She still remains a popular celebrity beloved by a new generation. Andy Warhol.

The estate of Andy Warhol filed a malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against New York Hospital and 11 other healthcare professionals who were tending to him at the time of his death. Ed McMahon.

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When he visited Cedars-Sinai Medical Center the next morning, the doctors failed to diagnose his fracture, discharging him without taking an X-ray or investigating the matter further. When the problem was found by the hospital, McMahon underwent two spine operations to repair the damage.

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Additionally, he claimed that the two operations he underwent were botched, causing him great pain and discomfort for months. Interestingly, McMahon also filed a premises liability suit with the owners of the home, alleging that his fall could have been prevented if the homeowners had adequate safety measures in place to prevent such a fall from happening.

Bill Paxton. Nearly a year later, the family of Paxton filed a wrongful death suit against the doctor and Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Elvis Presley. The King of Rock and Roll died suddenly at age 42 on August 16, , citing heart disease as the cause of death.

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Dennis Quaid. They were each given two doses eight hours apart. They spent 11 days in the NICU, fortunately making a full recovery. Geraldo Rivera. According to the lawsuit, Rivera can no longer jog or play tennis, and has trouble playing with his daughter. The suit is still ongoing, with the hospital hoping to dismiss the lawsuit. John Ritter. Comedic actor John Ritter tragically passed away in when he suffered an aortic dissection, a tear in the inner layer of the aorta.

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  • Doctors initially misdiagnosed the dissection as a heart attack and therefore did not undergo proper procedures for the dissection, such as ordering a chest x-ray to further examine the damage. Hulk Hogan. In , professional wrestling star and celebrity Hulk Hogan suffered a serious injury to his back that jeopardized his wrestling career.

    According to him, he was met with conflicting information from numerous professionals; several spine surgeons recommended spinal surgery to continue his career, while physicians at a Florida-based spine institute claimed that spinal surgery would effectively end his career.

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    Hogan claimed that he underwent multiple endoscopic surgeries that further destabilized his ailing back. This includes his infamous legal battle with Gawker for defamation after the website posted an explicit video of Hogan without his consent. Jesica Santillan was a Mexican national who was smuggled into the country illegally by her parents in search for treatment of her condition. At age 12, she discovered that she suffered from cardiomyopathy, a condition resulting in a weakened, enlarged heart and poorly-functioning lungs.

    At age 17, they raised enough funds for a heart and lung transplant at the prestigious Duke University Hospital. Doctors performed a rare second transplant two weeks later, but in the coming days, Jesica was declared brain dead and died in the hospital. As he underwent exploratory surgery to pinpoint the cause of the pain, the resident anesthesiologist administered paralyzing drugs to Sizemore, but failed to administer the general anesthesia that rendered him unconscious and pain-free. As a result, Sizemore experienced 29 minutes of painful surgery before the doctors noticed and properly administered general anesthesia.

    Two weeks after his surgery, his daughters claimed that he was deeply traumatized by the experience, suffering nightmares and delusions that people were trying to bury him alive. The suit was quickly settled for an undisclosed, confidential amount. After a routine trip to the doctor, year-old Kim Tutt was told she had a rare, aggressive form of cancer in her jaw, and that she would only have months to live.

    Extensive background check plastic surgeon medical board review malpractice
    Extensive background check plastic surgeon medical board review malpractice
    Extensive background check plastic surgeon medical board review malpractice
    Extensive background check plastic surgeon medical board review malpractice
    Extensive background check plastic surgeon medical board review malpractice

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