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Did you notice that Adobe reader is running in the processes menu but not the applications menu. It is a process running in the background. Have you ever heard of disabling startup programs as a way to speed up your computer?

Disabling background applications - Ubisoft Support

These are the true hidden programs running in the background on your computer. Also allowing something like Shareaza a file sharing program to startup is a computer security risk that should not be taken. The programs you see in the system configuration utility depend greatly on what operating system you are running and on what programs you have installed.

Hope you enjoy my website and learn everything you need to know in an easy to understand way.. Tips4pc Youtube Channel. I use CC cleaner and it has the ability to disable start up softwares, it works great too! Btw, be careful killing programs in the taskmanager, you might kill explorer.

Number of times i was suffering this problems but when i have read your given instructions then i started use of task manager for stop hidden programs running in background.


Great Article… I was curious though regarding all the system maintenance softwares in the market. What exactly do they do? Note : To re-enable startup applications, follow steps and select Enable. Contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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3 Ways to Track Which Programs are Using the Most Bandwidth in Windows

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Closing Background Applications Updated: 2 days ago. Relevant Games:. Type msconfig and press Enter. Check Load startup items.

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  • How to Find Hidden Programs Running in the Background.

Select the Startup tab. Click Disable all. Restart the computer If this resolves the issue, enable the startup applications one at a time to determine which one is causing the problem. Right-click on each item and select Disable. Simply un-tick the programs you don't want to start during startup and this will disable the programs.

Open The Windows Task Manager

After finishing, click "Apply" and then "Ok". The programs listed in the configuration utility depend on the operating system and the programs installed on your computer. This article is quite helpful. The problem that I am having is we have done all of this and still can not find what is running in the background. My computer has been idle for over a year. My system is Windows 7 with i5 processor.

Still not speeding up. When I first start the computer it is very fast, but as soon as something turns on, everything bottoms out, even when I am not using anything. My CPU shows nothing open, but there is something causing usage. I don't know how helpful this info may be, but: At the time of the invasion, I was using Norton and MalwareBytes. Everything they found has been removed. At one time, Norton was giving me fits saying things like it had expired or it just wouldn't update.

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  • How To Find Hidden Programs Running In The Background.
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I have had to force shutdown on many occasions because the updates froze and never got beyond the middle stage of updating. My suspicions lie with either the first version of I. They came about around the same time, so I am not sure if they have a role in this or not.

  • Why Is My Computer Running So Slowly?.
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  • Method 1: Task Manager.

My IT Guy accidentally put IE 11 on my computer right after the announcement went out on the news about it causing problems. I immediately uninstalled it. Shortly after that, my computer started slowing down. The Lexmark printer never wanted to work using the cord; it always tried to connect wirelessly. Even though it was never set it up for wireless, it kept prompting me about it every time it was turned on.

Since I have gotten rid of the printer, my computer runs so slow that it locks up no matter what I am doing. Even the smallest task locks up the CPU. We have uninstalled all the drivers for the printer and IT Guy even cleared the print cache a couple of times, still no help.

I don't know where else to look. If you can give suggestions about how to solve this issue, I would be very grateful!

check programs running in background Check programs running in background
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check programs running in background Check programs running in background

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