What keywords are people looking for

Analysis and Performance Tracking Tools. You can't rank in search results and drive traffic to your site without understanding what keywords are valuable to your business and which keywords make sense for you to tackle.

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Simply put, keyword research is the process of finding find the right keywords for your site. Keywords are the phrases or queries people type into Google and other search engines to find the content they're looking for. Keyword Research is used to find those keywords so you can apply them to your SEO efforts. For a successful keyword research strategy, you want to match user intent what people are searching for with business value which keywords bring the right person to your website. The ideal keyword for your website meets two requirements.

The first requirement is interest. If you look for a keyword that has 0 searches a month, it's not going to impact your business. So you need to find keywords that matter. Second requirement is relevance.

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You want keywords that make sense for your business and the content on your website. Ask yourself, if a visitor found my website after typing in a keyword in Google, would it answer the question? Also, would this be a valuable visitor for your business? Would they be the type of person that you want on your website? For example, if you run a website that sells socks, do you want to rank 1 for the term "baseball facts.

Keyword Research Fundamentals

Maybe later, but there's probably a more impactful set of keywords for you to target. It is — although you should know there are four different kinds of keywords:. As searchers, your target audience use keywords when they verbalize topics in the form of online searches as they seek more information. Each page of content or blog, or offer, or email has a main topic, and that topic generally ties back to a keyword or keyword phrase. Keywords help establish the foundation of your content and give your visitors an understanding of the page.

When reading information they find, visitors are quick to scan content for keywords or phrases they originally searched for. As search engines crawl your site, they index pages based on the keywords they find to help determine the purpose of the content.

Below are a few tried and true ways to gain some insight into what keywords people are using. Yes, your people.

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  6. Anyone who is familiar with your business, uses your product, purchases your goods… even those who choose a competitor — those are your people. So, do some homework - what questions are they asking? These notes will be big players in your keyword game. Oftentimes, the keywords a business thinks they should rank for or talk about are not the terms their customers are actually using.

    Advancements and updates to social channels have brought with them a look into trending topics and more, including:.

    You can narrow in on these trends by selecting a city, state, or country, an age group, and gender. Trending videos are based on embedded video views and views on YouTube. HubSpot's Content Strategy tool allows users to get real time information on topics that are most relevant to their business. Once you setup your topic clusters you can see which topics are attracting leads and customers, and others that are not.

    How to do keyword research

    Adwords Keyword Planner is extremely helpful because it displays the search volume for specific keywords. You can also input the URL of other high ranking videos into Keyword Planner and see what keywords come up. These results will give you excellent insights into how to rank well for your niche.

    It allows you to input 3 seed keywords per day for free, generate a list of relevant keywords and download the ones that are most useful as a. CSV file. Google Trends has long been one of the most popular research tools for marketers. Fortunately, this tool allows you to look at search queries which specifically pertain to YouTube. If you have a brick and mortar store or your content pertains to a specific country, Google Trends allows you to generate results by location. This is why Google Trends is such a powerful research tool. Keyword Keg is one of the most comprehensive research tools on the internet.

    It allows you to filter your data by YouTube searches. The only downside to this tool is that if you want to see all the data pertaining to each seed keyword, you have to pay. With this functionality, you can hone in on keywords that lead to conversions instead of just views. All pricing packages allow you to export your data to a. If YouTube is your only or most dominant channel for bringing leads to your website, consider using YTCockpit. Because the tool is so specifically targeted, its functionalities are unrivaled for video marketers.

    This tool is excellent for performing competitor research and you can also see the traffic trends for each keyword.

    Advanced Keyword Research Tutorial (5-Step Blueprint)

    Can you think of any other methods for performing YouTube keyword research?

    What keywords are people looking for
    What keywords are people looking for
    What keywords are people looking for
    What keywords are people looking for
    What keywords are people looking for
    What keywords are people looking for

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