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How to Find a Person by Last Known Address

Create Account. The site helps missing persons cases wrap up sooner by providing this information to the public. Register with other missing persons databases or review their resources. You can use other databases designed to help find missing persons, many of which are geared toward specific characteristics.

Consider registering with additional databases to gain access to their free services and resources to help you find your missing person. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children [3] specializes in providing services for families of children who are missing. The National Alliance on Mental Illness [4] provides resources for families of people with mental illness who have gone missing.

Their website contains potentially useful materials, including suggested guidelines and forums.

Contact the person's friends and acquaintances. Call the people in the missing person's life and ask when they last saw him or her. Determine if they know anything about the person's whereabouts.

How to Find a Person by Last Known Address | Our Everyday Life

Besides friends, family members, neighbors, and classmates, call anyone who had regular contact with the missing person. This may include teachers, doctors, dentists, bus drivers, coworkers, and neighbors. Keep a log of the people to whom you've spoken and what they had to say about the missing person. Keep it updated with as much detailed information as possible. Encourage people to call you back if they find out more information from another source.

Check with hospitals and coroners in the area. If the missing person was in an accident, he or she might be in a local hospital and unable to communicate for some reason. In some tragic cases, a missing person will be found with a coroner or medical examiner. Call all the facilities in your area to rule out these possibilities. When you make the calls, ask for the missing person by name.

If no one by that name is on record there, ask if they have unidentified people in their care who resemble your missing person. Check with your local county jail. If the missing person had an encounter with law enforcement that led to an arrest, he or she may be in a local county jail. Check with local law enforcement offices to see if the missing person is incarcerated. Check social media sites.

This is an important way to gain information about the days leading up to the person's disappearance. Check his or her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts.

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Determine whether recent activity contains any clues. Look at the missing person's friends' accounts as well. Print out correspondence and activity that seems as though it could lead to the missing person's location.


Report any activity that might be a clue to the case worker at the police department. Put up fliers with a picture and description of the missing person. Often, the missing person will see the fliers and decide to return home. Fliers can also alert friends and neighbors who might have information about the person's whereabouts. Put up the fliers in the neighborhood where the missing person lived and around places where he or she spent time.

Hang your fliers in prominent locations. Gas stations, grocery stores, post offices, banks, drug stores, local libraries, churches, hospitals, homeless shelters, parks, and hiking trails will all work well. Be sure to include a recent, clear photograph of the missing person. Include the person's age, a physical description, and the date he or she went missing.

Include contact information as well.

Ask people to spread the word. Send out an email with a picture of the missing person and a request to pass the word around. Post a picture and description of the missing person on your social media pages and ask people to share. The more people who become aware that you're looking for a missing person, the better the chances of finding him or her. Alert the local media.

to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa
to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa
to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa
to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa
to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa
to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa
to find a person in the usa To find a person in the usa

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