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To be left alone. It has now become a goal. Craig J. All of these are good, but I do worry about security and privacy, which still receive far too little attention. Stronger penalties are required for those who compromise these vital requirements. She uses the caller ID on her home phone to ward off robo calls.

For the not-so-good, on her new car some of the controls were difficult for her to figure out. What used to be a knob is now a screen with a vague description of what it may or may not do. A professor at a major U. We are able to see photos and share news to groups that would have taken longer in the past. I do often wonder if we really want photos of our children online, however. I feel concern about safety and well-being of children. Theodora Sutton , a Ph. The first thing I do when I wake up is usually check my iPhone for messages and news or scroll through Twitter on my laptop to help wake myself up.

A problem that I have with my digital technology is the way that boundaries are blurred. For example, context collapse on social networking sites, which make posting content a minefield, and can cause unnecessary anxiety.

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A need to refine its processes for better growth is now the requirement. Social media platforms have provided everyone with a forum to express views, but, as a whole, conversations are more polarized, tribal and hostile.

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With Facebook for instance, there has been a huge uptick in fake news, altered images, dangerous health claims and cures, and the proliferation of anti-science information. This is very distressing and disturbing. People are too willing to share without doing their due diligence and fact-checking first. I learn something new on the internet every day. GPS, maps, navigation have transformed my personal transportation.

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  6. It has changed the way I shop, source local materials, find out what is going on in my own community, or — when I travel — immediately connect me to inside information about a new town or city. I used to bring along a Rand McNally map. Now I use Google Maps and, while I miss looking at maps, the technology now is so accurate and convenient. I am an avid photographer, and the multitude of editing apps is astounding. I have 40 installed on my iPad and they have transformed my artistic efforts.

    My grandson lives three and a half hours away in a very large city — not a pleasant drive for me, so being able to FaceTime him is a development I treasure. And this seems to be the new normal, which is a bit jarring. I have superficial knowledge of any topic at my fingertips, which is incredible. But with that knowledge comes a highly addictive and hidden reward system that probably leads me to overestimate the positive impact of computers on my life.

    It is a human tendency to idealize a past that probably was never as good as we think it was. Well-being is improved and lessened due to hyperconnectivity. Kathleen Harper , an editor for HollywoodLife. Mark Richmond , an internet pioneer and systems engineer for the U. Yes, it was via internet. They married and she has lived there ever since.

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    Despite the distance we are able to stay in regular contact, including routine video chatting. My other children and grandchildren use social media either very little, or sometimes way too much. It helps to keep up with what everyone is doing, the joys and pains in their lives, but it also exacerbates things, especially for the younger ones. Every minor disagreement seems to be a major production, lived out on a stage. I am hopeful that as they learn, they will also learn moderation. I love meeting many new people from across the world through digital mediums.

    But I have noticed culturally a decrease in actual face-to-face human interaction or even a voice phone call with emotion and true connection, accuracy and depth. John Senall. However, the type of career opportunities for me and countless others usually involve sitting at a computer screen, working more hours and being stuck to a smartphone. All have made communication more seamless and constant, but have, in part, played a role in decreasing my health quality.

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    I ponder what it all may mean for my young children and their friends and classmates, down the road when there will be deeper technology and more communication changes. The benefits of a hyperconnected life are amazing and rewarding. Yet, I think many of us yearn, at least occasionally, for a simpler, less digital time. William J. I now spend much less time on digital and much greater time doing physical activity like yoga to counteract the damage to the body that spending too much screen time inevitably causes.

    I also invest more time in face-to-face and social activities and finding a balance where digital is helpful but does not distract from relationships. It is inevitable and unavoidable. The process will be painful and discomgoogolation [sic] will be the ubiquitous bedfellow of digitality. I have experienced a multitude of changes personally, but the digital world has proven immensely less stressful than the personal one. As a long-time sufferer of major depressive disorder, I find the interactive world much more accessible and, indeed, easier to manage — even control — than the unpredictable, capricious, vindictive and volatile world of conventional human interactions.

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    But I have had to learn to assert myself digitally. This is what people will have to learn. It dictates new power dynamics, new ways of sifting wheat from chaff, right from wrong, malicious from inconsequential. It is far easier in the digital world to identify that which matters from that which does not.

    It is great to be able to look things up instantly, but this may lead to shallow understanding of answers.

    Birth, death and marriage records for Family Historians: Part 1

    Either I catch myself comparing my life to the posts that others make, or I get overwhelmed by the toxic political atmosphere currently playing out. Being always-on means that I can be in constant contact with my family who live on the other side of the world, but it also means that I receive work emails all throughout the day. In education, it has been a good platform as well as a resource.

    Bad impacts: Reduced conversations with wife, especially at mealtime — just Google it. I marvel at the ease of organizing things that result in greater connectivity with my family — from renting a house in a far-away place for vacation to helping my children. On the profound positive side, there was the time my son called me from an ambulance after taking a bad fall on a ski mountain.

    Freedom of Expression: The Philosophical Basis

    I was on a chairlift; he called me from his cellphone to mine. He was only 10 years old. I immediately skied down and met him at the hospital. It turns out he was fine, but as a parent, it was important to me to know about this right away. On the profoundly negative side, whenever I am with my teenage children they spend much more time texting and playing with their phones than they do talking to me.

    I feel it makes it easier for them to separate themselves from their parents. On the other hand, we have a white supremacist in the White House. This has been positive. Yet, again, a birthday card, a phone call, a conversation would be more meaningful. It is easier to do research, find out about current events, etc. Among the negatives are kids immersed in digital devices; staring at a screen as an acceptable activity.

    I realized it was consuming lots of my time. It was feeding negativity. I am happier without it. However, a friend who has a child with a chronic medical condition has monitoring so that medical personnel are notified when parameters are exceeded so interventions can occur rapidly. The child gets fast feedback, too, so they can change behavior or take action in a way that would not have been possible five years ago.

    She made nice pictures with it, which I appreciated. But she also got obsessed with certain internet games, leading to conflicts. My kids ages 4 and 7 are steeped in technology. They have iPads in their classrooms which help with engaging them and I think are a net good , but they also want to be on iPads at home which may not be as good. They think every screen is a touch screen.

    My kids love to read books on Kindle and much prefer it to paper books so even the educational activity of reading is now deeply intertwined with technology. At the same time, they have little interest in libraries and miss out on books that are not available via Kindle. They can FaceTime family who live far away, but sometimes they see that as a substitute for actual visits. In short, there is good and bad but there is little doubt that technology structures our daily life in profound ways.

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