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How to pay for care and support, and where you can get help with costs. Includes carer's assessments, support from local councils, respite care and help for young carers. Includes advice on challenging behaviour, moving and lifting people and medicines. Services, support and tips if you care for someone under 21, and moving to adult social services.

Social care and support guide If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living because of illness or disability, this website explains your options and where you can get support. Introduction to care and support A quick guide for people who have care and support needs and their carers. So - if you call the doctor, and tell them that you know that they can't talk to you - but if they just hold on to the phone so that you can tell them some things, that you don't think that this would be breaking the rule of patient confidentiality If the behavior of the family member is potentially violent or dangerous and the hospital or doctor is not being responsive in a way that you think is best for your son or daughter or sister or brother then you may have to let the doctor and hospital know in writing that you will hold them legally liable for anything that happens because they are not doing their job and treating the mentally ill person.

And yes - in our view its a very stupid law that prevents a parent from helping and being involved in their mentally ill son's or daughter's treatment; its a legal response designed for situations where the person is mentally capable, not mentally ill. These laws make it very difficult to get help for your mentally ill family member, and difficult to understand how to best help the mentally ill family member who is frequently living in the same house!

You can work to change the system to make it easier for families to get treatment for the people who need it - by contacting the organization called the Treatment Advocacy Center. It can be frustrating working within the modern healthcare system. Especially in the middle of a crisis situation, when everyone is stressed and frightened, it can seem like no one is paying attention to your or your loved one's needs.

However, there are many things you can do to communicate effectively and get the care you need and deserve. Here are some resources to help:. Keeping a symptom journa l is the most thorough and accurate way to do this. These are the people who should have your loved one's best interests and welfare at heart, and the people you should go to if you have questions, concerns, or complaints. Be assertive - you have every right to know what is going on, and have things explained to you in a way you understand - but be polite and flexible also.

Too many times hospital staff get impatient with "problem" family members who they see as rude or demanding. It's vital to have a good working relationship with the treatment team.

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Hospital staff members are inevitably busy, but they are there to give the best care possible to consumers and their family. Keep your conversations and requests short and to the point, to maximize the time they have for you. If they are unable to see you, leave a message with your name, your relative's name, and your number, and keep the phone line clear so they can reach you at the first opportunity.

Consider putting your question or request in a letter, and delivering it to their office.

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Remember to write down things you appreciate - special considerations or care that you or your relative recieved from a care provider - as well as concerns. Current confidentiality laws prevent doctors from speaking with anyone other than the patient assuming the patient is a legal adult , unless the patient gives their official permission with a HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliancy form.

It can be absolutely essential for another person a family member, primary caretaker, etc to be informed of treatment decisions, especially because so many people with schizophrenia have very little insight into their own illness. Getting confidentiality clearance ahead of time can prevent many battles in the future over treatment compliance.

How can I convince them to take their medication without upsetting them, or making them feel like I'm the enemy? According to schizophrenia expert Dr.

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Fuller Torrey "Surviving Schizophrenia" 4th ed, p. These reasons include:. Some of these reasons are easier to deal with than others; for example, you always have the option of finding a better doctor, or adjusting medications to reduce side effects. Providing the patient with information about their illness the benefits of medication, the long-term prognosis, etc has been shown to improve compliance. Simplifying the treatment regimen with single daily doses, use of compartmentalized pill containers, long-acting injections, etc.

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Such anosognosia makes an enemy of anyone who tries to convince them otherwise. There is sometimes no way to force compliance without long and upsetting battles with your loved one. However, medication is currently the best tool we have to control psychotic symptoms and improve patient insight. You do have options available to you. Assisted Treatment is a benign term for an extremely difficult task - to help or 'assist' a loved one with their treatment because they are unwilling or unable to take care of themselves.

Assisted treatment options may include benevolent coercion, obtaining conservatorship or guardianship, conditional release, outpatient commitment, or involuntary commitment. A less extreme technique suggested by other schizophrenia. Hopefully, once the medication starts to take effect, the person will begin to regain some rational thinking skills, and you start to talk reasonably together about the benefits of long-term treatment.

However, make sure you give the medication enough time to work - it can be at least weeks before any improvement is noticed, and many antipsychotic medications don't take full effect for weeks or months. Others at schizophrenia. Another similar method of coercion is to stop supporting your relative financially unless they agree to treatment. There is no way to know or guarantee the results of such an ultimatum, so consider carefully if you are willing and able to follow through with your threat.

It will only work if you are committed to carrying out your words. Also consider carefully your own safety and the safety of your family before making such a threat, since the illness can make some people behave unpredictably or violently, even against someone they love. For more ideas and resources for dealing with the difficult subject of treatment compliance, see the following:.

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Highly recommended by schizophrenia. See also an internet-based video presentation by Dr. Amador on his book. New Mexico psych dept. Each case of schizophrenia will have a unique combination in terms of severity, duration, prominence, etc of positive, negative, and other symptoms. Related conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, and mood-swings are not uncommon either. The things that I have that I wish I didn't have are hallucinations, delusions, and loss of thought control.

The things that I don't have that I wish I did have are curiosity, motivation, and sex interest. The above is pretty much the way schizophrenia goes. Many family members struggle to understand what their loved one is dealing with, and want to relate and empathize with their illness experience. One of the best ways to understand what is behind some of the common symptoms of schizophrenia is to educate yourself as much as you can. I Don't Need Help! Xavier Amados are two books repeatedly recommended by veteran families on schizophrenia. Other recommended books, videos, and websites can be found on the schizophrenia.

Some general materials to help you live and cope with the symptoms of someone diagnosed with schizophrenia include:. Source: Presentation by Dr.

Ira Glick,"New Schizophrenia Treatments" - Stanford University Schizophrenia and Bipolar Education Day, July Click to see full presentation Explanation of Terms: Delusions are fixed inaccurate beliefs, hallucinations are seeing or hearing things that are not actually there, Catatonia is an abnormal condition variously characterized by stupor, stereotypy, mania, and either rigidity or extreme flexibility of the limbs, Affective Flattening means that a person with schizophrenia will tend to have a flat emotion, or be emotionless much of the time, Alogia is the inability to speak, Avolition is a lack of motivation or desire, Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure.

Dysphoria is an emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression, or unease.

Executive functions are the brain's thought processing abilities that allow people to plan and problem solve and which are typically significantly decreased by schizophrenia. The following are specific suggestions that schizophrenia. Delusions: The common categories of schizophrenia delusions include persecution delusions feelings that you are being spied on, conspired against, cheated, drugged, or poisoned , jealousy delusions a feeling without just cause that your loved on is unfaithful , and self-importance delusions also known as delusions of grandeur - the feeling that one has a great but unrecognized ability or talent, or the belief that you are an exalted being.

Sometimes these have a religious flavor to them. It's upsetting and frustrating to put it mildly to be the victim of such delusions, especially when your only goal is to love and support your ill relative; however, the closest family members and relatives are often the first targets of this and other hurtful behavior.

What is depression?

Due to the disease, a person with schizophrenia often can't think or reason rationally.

where can i find info on people Where can i find info on people
where can i find info on people Where can i find info on people
where can i find info on people Where can i find info on people
where can i find info on people Where can i find info on people
where can i find info on people Where can i find info on people
where can i find info on people Where can i find info on people

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