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Example: citation 1 : link to domain: www. A citation is a listing of the business' name, address, and phone number, so, yes, you'll need to build citations for each physical location. If that business just has one website, then you'll ideally enter the URL for the location page for each of the locations.

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Some sites will only let you link to the homepage, and in these cases, a link to the homepage is fine. It's about the citation, ie, the NAP info. Thank you for sharing this Darren.

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It really works. You are right, to avoid duplicate listing, you need to find any possible existing NAP, claim and update whichever we can. Now, we are trusting again that citation is still important for our website to rank in Google. A great post! Loved the tutorial Darren!

I have a quick question about name citations if that's OK. Do you think capital letters matter with business name consistency? Capitalization makes no difference at all.

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There are many variations you don't need to worry about. You can learn about them here:. What happens when Google My Business "corrects" the business address to match the Google map data? In the UK I've seen several situations where the business owner's published postal address differs from that on Google maps - typically where the postal address includes additional information such as a village or sub-locality which Google maps does not recognise.

Even if you enter the full address in GMB after I while it removes the additional data and reverts to the Google map data. This causes major consistency errors. Do you have advice for this situation? This would be a case where I'd get in touch with Google support. Twitter seems the best way get good support these days. Short and concise post. I don't know how many hours I wasted in the beginning not having all the info in one place and having to hunt for it every time I needed to edit or update the info.

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Then finding that the format didn't work with one or two of the citations and having to change everything took forever. Now I put all the info on a Google Doc and share with the VA to make the job easier and everything is updated real time, so that's a bonus! Really good, thanks, We have a problem here where we have multiple businesses at the same address we work from home and have various skills we therefore are landing up with inconsistencies.

What is the best approach in this situation, Thanks. Different business at the same address isn't a problem. It's quite common, actually. Think of all the different businesses in an office tower downtown, for example.

To keep them separate, make sure each business uses a different name and a different phone number. If you do that, Google will have no problem differentiating the different businesses. Thanks Darren, This is very good to know and allows me to at least try to address the complication and sort out all my inconsistent citations.

Great article once again thanks. Great walkthrough of the process! Thank you for making me trust again that citation is one important thing for Google to rank the website. I have come through your posting and has given me to deepest internet marketing knowledge. Thank you so much for this free learning.

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I am running the travel company with online marketing focusing to Komodo and Flores island in Indonesia. I hope that by your article i will try to learn more how to build my site. Great presentation. I'm sending it out to a few of our clients who can't understand the importance of the NAP. We have 70 clients who are all mobile. The addresses are becoming impossible. Everything from home address in the wrong area to UPS stores. Any ideas? If the client isn't comfortable with their address being all over the web, they can hide them on Google and these sites. Mostly, they should just not worry about it though, and just put their address out there.

They don't want to miss out on most of the citation opportunities, and really, no one is going to show up at their door. If you tell the leasing agent you just need a closet, they can usually make something work. Didn't know much about private local citations. For example: a tour operator who also offers lodging.

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To me, it's a branding problem, but it's not uncommon in tourism. If they're going to use the same phone and address, they'll have to pick one or the other.

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Google just isn't going to rank the same business in two completely different unrelated categories. If they want to rank, they should register a different name, address a different suite will do , and different phone number. This is just what we needed to see. Thanks for your thoughts on Local search listing variations! It's so easy to have duplicate listing, I'll try theses methods. Many top SEO confirm that NAP and citation are consistent across search engines, and we also hear about consistency issues.

But the main point is that a few people take the NAP consistency too far. Since different sites use various address formatting, Google tends to use a process, named normalization, to define a final address which matches with your listing at Google. Very good. Its very helpful. Very helpful! I think one of the biggest frustrations for any agency or small business owner is cleaning up what was done in the past or sometimes, what WASN'T : Good discussion in the comments as well!

Is it OK to have same address with two abbreviations of street, State or Country listed on different listing sites? I have a question regarding NAP. It's no problem at all to have variations like that of the your address. We have a whole list of acceptable abbreviations here:. I really appreciate the way you sketched out such a confusing part of Local SEO.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge its really helpful for me as I am new in Digital Marketing, difficult but interesting. I wasn't aware about how to check using the "site:" search query. I will try to find out more for my brand.

Find business phone number with address
Find business phone number with address
Find business phone number with address
Find business phone number with address
Find business phone number with address

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