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A curious parent observes a cereal commercial that states their product has an average of 50 pieces of real fruit per box with a standard deviation of 6 pieces per box. She decides to check the accuracy of this statement by selecting boxes of cereal and counting the number of pieces of fruit in each box. The mean number of pieces of fruit for her experiment was 45 pieces of fruit per box. A class of 24 students has a mean age of 26 and a standard.

In class we discussed GM testing a brake light.

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Suppose that this is very expensive, time-consuming and difficult and we have time and money for just 12 runs tests with the two lights total. There are two ways to run the experiment. The first is to obtain a random sample of 12 drivers, divide them into two groups at random and assign one group to the standard light and the second group to the new light. Suppose the table below represents the data from this Standard light group reaction time New light group reaction time 1.

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Try to use Excel to verify these values. Explain what the confidence interval tells us about the importance of any difference between these two lights. A second experimental setup is to take 6 drivers at random from the population of all drivers, and test each of them on both lights. The table below lists the data and the difference in reaction time between each light for each person; Time for standard light Time for new light Difference in times 1.

This is to illustrate a point! Note that the mean difference was 0. Why might this be a good idea? Can we say that there is a practically significant difference? Explain why this type of design worked particularly well here. HW: Question 1 Suppose we are interested in getting an interval estimate for the proportion of people who approve of the performance of Pres. We ask a random sample of US adults and say they approve. Write your answer in percent form to 1 decimal places, so 0.

Question 2 Assume the data observed in question 1. Question 3 Assume the data observed in question 1. What conclusion can we draw? Suppose that this is very expensive, time-consum. Clothing for Runners: Your company sells exercise clothing and equipment on the internet. To design the clothing, you collect a data on the physical characteristics of you different types of customers.

Here are the weights in in kilograms for a sample of 24 male runners. Assume that the runners can be viewed as a random sample of your potential male customers. One such study estimated that the average length of service for home health care among people over the age of 65 who use this type of service is It is It is 1. To design the clothing, you collect a data on.

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It is known that the white shark grows to a mean length of 21 feet; however, one marine biologist believes that great white sharks off the Bermuda coast grow much longer, owing to unusual feeding habits. To test this claim, some full-grown great white sharks were captured off the Bermuda coast, measured, and then set free. However, because the capture of sharks is difficult, costly, and very dangerous, only three specimens were sampled. Their lengths were 29, 25 and 27 feet. A random sample of the recorded snowfalls for 20 years from a year period produces a sample mean equal to Do you think that might be a problem for the snowfall data?

The pigeons rely almost entirely on seeds for food.

The sample of 25 students re. Margin of Error. The research question is: Is there a significant relationship between packaging preferen. A representative sample of over eight hundred GM cars were selected, then retail price was calculated from the tables provided in the Central Edition of the Kelly Blue Book. The condition of a car can greatly affect price. All cars in this data set were less than one year old when priced and considered to be in excellent condition.

Let us start by asking a question: "Are cars with lower mileage worth more? Draw a scatter plot between Price and Mileage. What does the p-value tell you? What does the R-Sq value tell you?

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Let us explore a more advanced model. Summarize your findings, along with your understanding of regression and its applications in business literatures, organize them into a paper and submit. This data allows. The sum of squares due to the treatments was Set up the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis. What is the decision rule? What is the value of F? What is your decision regarding the null hypothesis? The sum of squares total was The sum of squares due to the treatments was 4.

The information is summarized below. Statistic Men Women Sample mean What is the p-value? The building maintenance supervisor would like to know if the entrances are equally utilized. To investigate, people were observed entering the building. The number using each entrance is reported below.

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At the. The building maintenance supervisor would like to know if the en. According to a r. How many treatments are there? What is the total sample size? What is the critical value of F? Write out the null and alternate hypotheses.

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Source sum of Squares df. He selects a sample of 15 families, some with only a single insured driver, others with several teenage drivers, and pays each family a stipend to contact the two companies and ask for a price quote.


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To make the data comparable, certain features, such as the deductible amount and limits of liability, are standardized. The sample information is reported below. He selects a. The Quality Assurance Department wishes to compare the mean waiting time for patients at the two locations. There are two fac.

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A sample of eight small banks in the Midwest revealed the following year rates in percent Estimate the p-value. A sample of eight small banks in the. Assume the standard deviation of the process is. The quality control department took a random sample of 50 cans and found that the arithmetic mean weight was At the 5 percent level of significance, can we conclude that the mean weight is greater than 16 ounces?

Determine the p-value. A random sample of 50 people who joined the new weight reduction program revealed the mean loss to be 9 pounds. Braking distances of cars. A random sample of 13 four-cylinder cars is obtained and braking distances are measured and found to have a mean of Sat verbal scores are normally distributed with a mean of and a standard deviation of Use the Empirical Rule to determine what percent of the. Empirical Rule.

pill id round yellow page 117 Pill id round yellow page 117
pill id round yellow page 117 Pill id round yellow page 117
pill id round yellow page 117 Pill id round yellow page 117
pill id round yellow page 117 Pill id round yellow page 117
pill id round yellow page 117 Pill id round yellow page 117
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